Goreh, Nehemiah

   Goreh was born in Benares, India, of a Brahmin family. He converted to Christianity ‘being much struck by the beauty of Christ’s teaching in the Sermon on the Mount’. He was a prolific writer and his works include Theism and Christianity, The Brahmos, Their Ideas of Sin and Proofs of the Divinity of Our Lord. A convinced Anglican, he wrote against Roman Catholicism as well as against Hindu theological systems. He joined the Society of St John the Evangelist and the last years of his life were spent in the society’s house in Poona. He is primarily remembered for his conviction that, although the Hindu notion of the divine was erroneous, in some ways it was ‘a presentiment of the future gift’ to be found in Christianity.
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   A.M. Paradkar, Theology of Nehemiah Goreh (1969).

Who’s Who in Christianity . 2014.

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